Under the company vision of building a clean world, 

BATWISE has been grown to be the leading

company in embedded battery management system

and energy systems consisting of intelligent energy

units; long life and heavy-duty deep cycle batteries.

We are committed to systematizing the use of

artificial intelligence technology in reusable energy

products. In order to make the rechargeable

energy products more simple, safe and friendly,

we build them according to the nature of usage

demand, and give them the intelligent charging

and discharging management system, safety

monitoring system and energy display system.

We are providing smart power system solutions,

deep cycle batteries and advanced SLI batteries 

in wide ranges of applications.

Our company undertakes the full manufacturing process, and is committed to producing high-quality, user friendly products.

We have maintained a stable and reliable quality record, which is why more than 10 million loyal customers continue to use our products.

Our China production base was set up in 1993

and has focused on high quality deep cycle

batteries since that time.

The factory has three sites and has 1200

employees. The daily production output of

lead acid batteries is 60,000 units; 18 million

units per year.

Our company is committed to high-tech

research and development of environment-

friendly products.

We are taking the lead in the global application

of rare earth technology in battery products.

Our products minimise substance, which are

harmful to the environment.

We have started to invest in Indonesia since

2017, to build a competitive production base

for advanced SLI batteries. In our Indonesian

factory, we have the advantage of the whole

industry chain. We not only make batteries,

but also make core materials. We have the

advanced full power grid system, which can

efficiently utilise the material's performance,

and can control the cost of the products at

the excellent level.

BATWISE is committed to helping our business partners to be successful.